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Great way to get kids to eat broccoli! Cheese that doesn’t melt… sounds strange! Like Kim said–still amazing! This looks so delicious! THANK YOU!! Can this be put in a food processor after it’s cooked? This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. It used ingredients we already had and it came together so quickly and tastes great!! It's wonderful!! I noticed the grams of sugar isn’t listed so I can’t calculate it myself. This is a great recipe…I have also made it with cauliflower. Having said that, here are a few things I've discovered:* If you do not have an immersion blender and are using a regular blender or food processor to blend this soup it works much better to do that BEFORE you add the cheese. So happy! Loved it. I brought some over to the graandkids and my granddaughter loved it. But that's such a small problem considering I WILL be making this soup again! Made this for the first time, absolutely delicious. next time i am going to try a pinch of cayenne in it for my own taste. Loved the added taste of the Parmesan! My husband and I both loved it. I absolutely love your website! I cooled it a little, took out two cups, and used my electric mixer, and then put it back into the pot. My one year old licked her bowl clean! Look for Dairylea Slices (used to be Kraft)….it is the same idea as American Cheese. It came out to about 150 calories for a cup and it made 6 cups. I've made this soup three times now and can't get enough, it's delicious. I don't have an immersion blender (I'm a beginner) so I'm assuming it is not as creamy as yours. It will make that soup soooo good! Also, I didn’t feel like taking out the immersion blender so I used a metal potato smasher instead to slightly purée.. Soup was perfect! I don;t freeze soups with milk or cheese, so not sure. I have to make this at least every other week. Heavenly! VERY tasty! Made with 1 & 3/4 cup cheddar chesse (not low fat) no American cheese .My family really enjoyed it, even caught my husband licking the soup ladle, while cleaning up the kitchen! I think it needed very little salt & pepper because of the other flavors & I replaced the processed American Cheese with low-fat Colby Jack. Yukon gold would be great! Definitely will be adding this into the soup rotations for the winter! When I served it, I topped it with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese and a few bacon bits. It is similar to our Kraft cheese slices. Thank you so much for a delicious and easy broccoli soup recipe! My pleasure, I can't wait to make this again now that the weather is cooler. This one is a keeper. It is absolutely delish!!! This soup is delicious! This has got to be one of the best recipes I have made to date. Keep them coming. . I'm somewhat vegetarian and I am always looking for tasty recipes and I just love soups. Great recipe. And so easy! Can anyone tell me how many servings there are, with the 1 1/3c recommended serving size? Thanks so much for your amazing recipes! Would love to try it but not sure how it will turn out! Or Instant pot since that’s all the rage :)? I just made yet another double batch of this soup. I also used more broccoli than was asked. I also used the stems of both the cauliflower and broccoli. I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing recipe. I can never figure out the cheese ratios!?! Made this the other night and it did not disappoint! I love receiving your meal plans, with WW Freestlye Points attached! I dont particularly like it but husband loves broccoli cheddar soup. The adjustments I made were as follows: almond milk instead of fat free cow milk, added 1 cup of 1/2 & 1/2, used frozen carrot, broccoli & cauliflower mixed veggies  thawed & drained instead of fresh & full fat cheese. Hugs! You don't want the soup to be TOO liquid-y-. I don't use a blender.I think it's delicious chunky. I normally don't like to freeze cream soups because they tend to separate, but I think being low fat actually helped in this instance! Not a big no fat cheese fan. Your recipes are saving my butt…with 2 under 2 I don't have a whole lot of time to think of a meal and point it out! Hokey smokes!! Thank you for the inspiration to cook a bit Skinnier. Thank you for sharing this with us all! Soup is delicious, great recipe! I made the pot pie soup last week and it was so good…my husband even took the leftovers for lunch! This is soooooo good. Great recipe. I'm just going to use all marble because that's what I have on hand. Have you looked at this one? I didnt have the parm so subbed in 1/3 a cup of white cheddar and didnt use the cheese slices in the recipe. This was delicious!!! I put my stems in with the potatoes. Not nearly enough protein, let alone calories. What are some of your favorite childhood soups? The first time I made this recipe I did my blending after adding cheese and it made my food processor a cheesy mess that was difficult to clean. Hmm!! Not a problem because it was DELICIOUS and FILLING and I did NOT miss the meat! . It would certainly make it healthier and lower in calories and WW points. My husband and I loved it and had plenty of leftovers. I have been using some of your recipes lately, with this one made last evening. I used 2% milk instead of the fat free. I love your website and I love your recipes I'm looking forward to trying some more ! made this tonight it was yummy!!! I omitted one potato and instead used rutabega TO LOWER the carbs. Thank you. I have never blogged before, but I just had to tell you I think your work here is great!! It was delicious! My 1 yr old and 2.5 yr olds devour this soup every time. Love all of your recipes!! I made this a few day ago. Made this today and love this soup. I made a double batch today. It's delicious. Pingback: weekly wrap-up 10/2 – The Pretty Good Gatsby. I used fat free half and half instead and it turned out fine. Are you sure about the breakdown. When I was a kid, broccoli and cheese was my favorite thing to eat. Thanks for the recipe, so happy to have found your site. My 12yr old said "mom you know i am a soup fart but this is really good" for a tween.. that is stars. Here is what I did: 1) I made the recipe with a few modifications—I omitted the American cheese, used two already baked potatoes that were leftovers in fridge, and increased broth to 4 cups. This soup is hearty, satisfying, and delicious. For an easy weeknight dinner, look no further than this broccoli potato soup. LOL. . https://gimmedelicious.com/healthy-broccoli-and-potato-soup Will definitely make it again. Love this recipe, thank you!!! Used immersion blender when softened, Added 1/2 c low fat milk & 1/2 c low fat shredded cheddar & nutmeg to taste. So good! This recipe is a keeper. I haven’t tried those changes, let me know if you do! It turned out great. A cheesy tasting delicious bowl of comfort giving you a warm glow at any time of the year! Are they the processed cheese slices? Some common health benefits offered by broccoli soup are as follows: It is weight loss-friendly as it has low-calorie content in it. Blah. I'll make your pork chops with shallots and mushrooms for supper. Not a drop of this was wasted, just the way I like it. Is this soup best the day you make it (because of the dairy) or does it get better the 2nd and 3rd day? Trim and discard the bottom of the broccoli … It was still delicious and actually has 33 fewer calories per cup. Really yummy and filling. Hold down the lid of the … Made with cream, cheese, and butter, most broccoli cheddar soups are loaded with calories and excess fat. This is a little more labor-intensive than I was feeling up to this morning but I’m SO glad I went ahead and made it anyway. Thanks Gina. I think I might try again with less cheese, but using full fat extra sharp cheddar (or something similar) to try and get it to taste a bit more like the soup I was thinking it would taste like. This thick and creamy broccoli, cheese and potato soup is lick-the-bowl good! A lady said above she freezes it and it is fine. Thanks girl! EASY to make and fills you up quickly. Btw, I love your site and cookbook! Super easy to make and delicious Perfect for a cold wet windy day! Nancy, I love soup in the winter! Melt butter in large saucepan over medium heat, add onion and cook until tender. Healthy creamy chicken potato soup is a simple and delicious low fat hearty soup. We love this soup! I am not crazy about soups in general, but I enjoyed making this one and enjoyed more eating it, absolutely delicious thank you for all your recipes I have been using them for over two years, never disappointed. Our wet winter evenings in Oregon are made warmer by this soup. I LOVE IT and my teenage kids also love it! Actually I really wished I doubled the recipe!This is such a keeper – Thank you Gina!I used frozen broccoli and it worked beautifully. Best soup I have ever made. This came in handy tonight, even though it was 90 degrees outside. I threw more of it into the blender to break it up and that seemed to work but I’m missing the chunkiness of the vegetables pieces. Made exactly as directed, except used a gourmet salt blend and thre in a Parmesan rind. will definitely be making this again. The recipe is so easy! I added a dash of cayenne pepper with the cheddar cheese to give it a kick. DELICIOUS!!!! Can’t wait to see if that goes well. Just tried this recipe. Gina,I find it better to pre cook all vegetables for recipes before assembly, Had a great cream of cauliflower soup for lunch the other day. I'm from Indiana and we are snowed in so I couldn't get all of the ingredients PLUS we have a family of six so I knew I needed to make more….. funny story I only had one can of chicken broth and beings how I had to double all of the ingredients I knew this wouldn't do. My. Decided to try this tonight for my first time ever making a broccoli cheese soup. Curious to know how long this can be kept in the refrigerator? Absolutely delicious! I order it at one of my favorite restaurants when I go home to the midwest to visit my family. Made this the other night and it is YUMMY. PS Also already ordered your cookbook, and can't wait to receive it! it’s not 12/3 cups..it’s 1 And 2/3 cup per serving. Pingback: Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 95) – Lauren Scott – Blog, Pingback: Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 95) | Good Kitchen Blog. Can you make this is a crockpot and leave for the day to be ready at night? Thanks Gina! This was delicious. When you say "reduced fat sharp cheddar" in your recipe but don't specify exact MF content, are you calculating based on 2% sharp cheddar? It is so creamy and melts really well – only 1pt+ for two portions! I’m wondering – do you think cauliflower could be switched out for the potato? I could not find low-fat American cheese in the deli, so I used 1.5 oz of a Smokey gruyere, as I had it on had. yes, I will make again. We got 5 inches of snow on Sunday night and have been iced in for nearly 3 days now! I love SkinnyTaste! It was so yummy and very filling. I'm in Canada too. this site is my source for WW recipies for my wife. Thank you for sharing!! I find a new recipie everyday. Is it because I don't know the sugar amount? Also used organic whole wheat flour and that was great as well! Puree the soup in batches in a blender until smooth. I used coconut flour. I added the cauliflower later when I added the broccoli. Thank you Gina! Ingredients: 10 (cheese.. crumbs.. milk.. soup...) would like for that to not happened next time.Loved the soup tho. Thank you Gina! I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I thought, “Soup would be great!” I came across your recipe and it did not disappoint. Quick, easy & delish! Thanks. I'm eating a bowl right now and I still love it. The students followed the steps perfectly from your description and the end result was delicious soup. My! Can’t stand American cheese so didn’t use that. Can’t wait to make again! My family especially my kids loved it. Gina I've made the soup before and loved it. Pingback: First Meal Prep Monday – Life in Lipstick and Heels. It's so tasty and freezes great! Made this the other night for dinner. I just discovered your website recently, and can't believe I haven't been using your recipes sooner! I wanted to try another one to see if I'd get hooked…and I think I am! I was "stuck" eating this entire batch myself, for the most part. I had to comment on how delish this is. I love how I can control the sodium. Husbands and I both really loved it. There is never enough liquid to cover the potatoes while they cook, much less the broccoli. I would agree with the suggestion of just using more cheddar. Thanks! Your potato soup made with cauliflower is fabulous, so I wonder if it would give the same delicious results in this recipe and also lower points. This is amazing soup! As the weather is getting cooler, it’s the perfect soup to warm up and leftovers are great to pack for lunch. Can you make this in an instant pot? So good! Anytime we had leftover broccoli I would always heat it up the next day with melted cheese. Cabot has a 75% and I sometimes mix the two. We all loved it. Or once you have completed the entire recipe? Delish! Anyone in Canada should seriously consider using some of your excellent old Canadian cheddar instead. Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at Skinnytaste.com. I just made a batch hoping to freeze but I don’t want a future dinner down the road to be takeout and all the work and food to go to waste! No problem, Vanessa. Delicious exactly as written! The only thing I didn’t use was the “American Cheese” (not sure what that is– Kraft Singles?? I live in regional Australia and I can’t get ahold of American cheese. The cheddar cheese would be fine, but not american,  I can do greek yogurt… do you think subbing that in along with some non-dairy milk and cheddar could work, or would it be a mess? Can almond milk be used instead of the fat free milk? And I also made Gina's potato gratin with turkey meatballs! LOVE! In my calculator it is coming out to points still? Thanks for the recipe. . Thanks Gina! This was amazing!. It was delicious both times. Made this for dinner last night. I also used only one cup of cheddar and no American cheese. I roasted the broccoli, eliminated the American cheese and the soup was very creamy and tasty. Roasted garlic onion potato soup… Thanks for all the great recipes! Thank you. Separate the stems and the florets from the broccoli. As it is winter in australia I’m looking forward to this soup! Love this site: it has made my weight watcher's journey very easy. what could i use instead of 2% american cheese? Amazing! I also did as one poster did, which was to add nutmeg and powdered mustard. I changed from American to shredded mozzarella. I’ve been following your site for a while, own all three cookbooks, and I hardly ever make any recipes that aren’t from SkinnyTaste. I love it! I would remake this without them. I've used it in soup before. And I love having leftovers to freeze for lunch! Thanks!! I substituted leek for the onion and it went very well with the potatoe. I also swapped the butter for olive for health purposes. Doing some food prep before the school year starts! My first time eating broccoli soup and my first time making it – Many thanks! Oh my goddess! How much additional shredded cheese should be added if I don’t have sliced American cheese? Now stir in … My family and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this soup exactly as it’s written!! Followed the directions except had only non-fat half and half and regular cheddar in the fridge which upped the calories. My husband loves broccoli cheese soup, but we've had problems in the past reheating cheesy soups because the cheese breaks and it looks really unappetizing. ….gotta use what you have or what you can find in the stores! I am confused though how it can make 5 servings of 1 2/3 Cups (total 8 cups) when there is only 2.5 cups of broth plus 1 cup of milk. Parmesan cheese, salt, onion powder, reduced fat mayonnaise, garlic powder and 3 … Pingback: Meal Planning tips and resources to help make your weekly plan attainable. Pingback: Wandering Thoughts Wednesday (Nov 1) - Ingrids Avocado. You’re welcome Christina! WOW!!!! I’d think the florets would make it grainy. Made this soup several times with the same results. No more spending money at Panera. . I made this last night!!! I am not positive but I think it is cheddar cheese in Canada. WOW this soup is delish!!! I have enough for service for 8-10 based on the amount my family eats. Does take more than 30 minutes to make, quite a bit of prep needed I thought. Oh man, everything that you have been making this week is really been calling me! Thanks for reposting! LOVE! Will be making again soon. They melted instantly. Thanks. With all this Covid stuff and stay at home orders, I had to make a modification or two. I tried to do a quick release after five minutes and it just made a mess so I turned the spout back and just let it release naturally. made this tonight. They gobbled it up and so did we! I made it for my family to sample so that I could make soup for a friend going through chemo and my husband and I fought over the leftovers. Not about to sub onions; which I have btw for the leeks.Totally looking forward to trying others! Also gave your website address. I’m so looking forward to trying the Oatmeal and Leeks soup. Very flavorful and you don’t miss the heavy cream. THANK YOU for sharing your meal planning with us!! Oh well, a small price to pay for a hearty vegetable packed soup that tastes amazing! Also left out the american cheese. LOVE your recipes….it's the only website/cookbook I use anymore and my husband is always amazed that they are WW! I did modify it a little by adding chili powder and garlic powder, using low sodium soy sauce instead of salt and fiesta mix cheese instead of the cheese listed as that was what I had on hand. So delicious! I’ve made this twice in less than two weeks and it’s been such a hit. I will definitely be making this again! I see questions about freezing the soup, but no answers. I used extra garlic, extra broth, and excluded the potatoes. We just finished our lunch. Great, easy recipe! The kids inhaled it, and we didn't have enough left over for another meal. Can't wait to try with proper amount! The goal of any delicious vegan broccoli potato soup is to create a creamy texture. I'm looking for some freezer meals. Love this recipe and I’ve made it multiple times! Added no calories and added a “filling” factory. I wanted to know the same thing! I used bone broth this time just for an extra kick of nutrients. Also, I blended this soup quite a bit (I liked it smoother). It is sooo AMazing! Both my kids ate it without too much trouble!? The only change is that I double the broth. Tonight I made a double batch-the husband and kids have demolished it-I *might* have enough left for me to have for lunch this week while they're at work/school . this recipe is fantastic! The other thing is that frozen tends to be watery/soggy, which wouldn't matter so much for soup. Bring to a boil. I skipped the Potatoes  and doubled the milk, cheese, flour, and broth. We starved. My 2 year-old daughter (who does not like veggies AT ALL but totally LOVES cheese) could not get enough of this soup!! Definitely one of my favorite recipes! I tried dividing the serving size by 5 so I could figure out smaller portions, but that made each quarter cup result in one point. it looks so so yummy and I really wanna make this soup! Very filling, and a great way to get the veggies in. https://www.skinnytaste.com/baked-potato-soup/. I work in a group home with people with intellectual disabilities, who also have some diet restrictions. You never let me down! Can you omit the cheese or can I substitute the cheese with something else? 14 %, , scrubbed, unpealed, cut into 1 1/2 inch pieces. Next time I'll have to make a double batch! I made this soup probably 20 times last winter and it has just become the right temperature to make it again! Stir in broccoli and potatoes and saute 1 minute. Myself and my son are dairy intolerant so I substituted the regular dairy cheese with non-cow cheese (Machego sheeps cheese and hard goats cheese), really yummy! He kept saying how good it was, which he doesn’t usually do. This is the first soup I've ever made and OH MY GOD it's amazing. I was wondering the exact same thing! I bought your cookbook yesterday after trying some of the recipes you have shared on your blog, thank you thank you thank you, we love everything you create. I'm sure whit cheddar or any other medium cheese will work. I can't wait to make this again soon!! I used 1 cup of 2% Mexican blend cheese and 1/2 cup 2% cheddar because that's what I had in the frig and it was still amazing! I am having it right now! I have a little problem, I don't know how to count the points and I have to loose 15 pound that I gain in Quiting Smoking. Absolutely delish! My sister who loves these kinds of soups told me it was better than the soup from BJ's restaurant! I'm not on WW but am trying to eat healthier, so for our guilty pleasure, I made some bacon to crumble on top of the soup! . I don’t think I’ve ever even had it. I made the soup last Monday night (so one week ago today). I also blended just a it more than directed for a comforting, lovely thick soup. I hope to eat it this week for lunch, if my husband leaves me any! I been making recipes from skinnytaste.com. Made this last night and my kids didn't even care there was broccoli in it. I just made it to send my husband off to work with something yummy/healthy. I love that you don't use any heavy cream in it too… Thanks for the recipe, I love your blog! Thanks for all the amazing recipes on the site! The soup was delicious! Low temps starting to dip into the high 40s in the great southeast, so that means soup season where I live! American cheese is Kraft slices. It's a much better flavor and it melts and blends well. What is the point value for the green plan? So low calorie. I left the soup on low (or buffet setting) just to keep it warm and then just added the cheese about an hour before serving it. Yummy and filling, this is a new favorite in my house! I am really enjoying your blog, finding new recipes to try out. Add the cubed potatoes, chicken broth and the kosher salt and bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to a rolling simmer and cook the potatoes for about 8 minutes or until soft and easily pierced … . Using the 1 1/3 measurement per serving I only ended up with 4 servings for some reason. I’d recommend forgoing the 1/4 salt and 1/4 pepper, and add to taste once the soup is done. Gina,I realize you live in the U.S.A., I live in Canada and some things are not the same. My family loves this soup with crusty French bread! Is there a way to make this in the instant pot or slow cooker? Definitely excited to make it more and more and for more people. I just made this soup with a few modifications to lower points on green plan. It was so delicious. Other Popular Broccoli And Potato Soup Recipes You Might Also Like. Sounds delish. Yes, I make chicken and beef stock all the time to clean out my fridge! ???? Great soup! This soup IS very filling, but I'm missing the pronounced cheese taste. This looks perfect for a fall night! Just made it tonight and I used frozen broccoli as it's what I had on hand. I made this tonight after dinner for lunch for the weekend and my 5 year old was my taste tester. I had to add more milk and broth but it was worth it. It also heated up perfectly the next day! this is some good tasting soup! Can't wait to try it! A lot of your recipes have minimal prep time, and it's awesome <3. You can also use the crockpot for stock and just put it on high for 8 hours or low for 12, that makes amazing stock. Just tried it. Love this soup! I make chicken and veggie stock so I'm aware of the basics but can't get this one to work. I would be interested to know if anyone has tried freezing the leftovers. I change the veggie to liquid ratios whenever and it always works out. Loved this. can whole wheat flour be used instead? Instead of adding potatoes & blending them, I just used leftover mashed potatoes, which thickened the soup up perfectly. It's somehow creamier. Asking for cook books for Christmas!! Thank you all the way from Hong Kong. Even my 2 and 4 years olds gobbled this up Thanks so much for all of the wonderful recipes! Yum! Definitely throwing this in the dinner rotation. Made this for lunch/dinner today. I just made a double batch of this last week and invited a friend over for dinner…and then packed it for dinner every workday since. This soup is absolutely delicious! This potato, cheese, and broccoli soup is about as comforting as it gets. What could I substitute with? Made this last night and it was incredible! Just made my first batch! Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. Other vegetables, such as carrots, onions, and celery may be included to improve the dish's flavor and provide added nutrients. Gina, I really enjoyed this soup! What a tasty way to get more vegetables into everyone's diet. Made tonight for the 1st time! When I added the frozen broccoli I had to turn up the heat and it took about 15 minutes to soften. Do you think I could do this in the crockpot? Thanks! If you want, try the Daiya vegetarian cheeses. Healthy Creamy Chicken Potato Soup Recipe Instead of using the american cheese slices i substituted with a bit more reduced fat cheddar. Oh my word! I used my immersion blender to blend up about half. Will definitely make again!! Oh and I added a teaspoon of Tumeric and some oregano with the salt and pepper and I added a scant teaspoon of cooking sherry near the end too! I stuck with it and in the end, it was perfectly thick and creamy and tasted great. I used frozen broccoli and it turned out well. I have made many of your recipes (from your site and cookbooks) and everything is delicious! Very tasty recipe and the broccolli's are rich of protien and enjoy the videos with http://www.vpnblade.com/ enjoy, We are snowed in today in Webster, NY, and I made this for lunch. Oh my….delicious. My family really enjoyed this soup. I still don’t see the answer if this can be frozen. So wholesome! I just made this for dinner tonight. It doesn't need the flour it's thick enough without it. I did have a few substitutions though. I was in a hurry, so I through everything except the milk, flour and cheese into my Instant Pot for 15 minutes. This soup reminds me of those after school meals I would make for myself. I am in Canada too and was just asking myself the same question! !I just started on WW again & came across Skinnytaste,,,I have made 3 recipes already.They are Fabulous….Thank you so much.Cant wait to try more..Diane. What all should I change? Thank You! My guys weren’t interested in having any so I ended up eating it all my self. When 2 teens and a picky husband like it, there is nothing more to say. Is that possible?? It freezes great and is great to pack in lunches. Add broth and bring to a boil. How long can it stay in the freezer? Fabulous- my 1 year old LOVED this soup! I am wanting to make this but my daughter is lactose intolerant. I’m gonna give the old “I never comment butttt…” because I really don’t. I use sweet potatoes instead of white. Sunday was cold and blustery so it was a perfect lunch. This was wonderful! A cup and a quarter is too much for me. Pingback: 13 Freezer Meals to Make Your Dinners Easier | View From Our Terrace. It is hard to stop at one serving. Maybe I’ll take someone’s suggestion and not add any flour. Incredible! As I was making it, I was a bit skeptical about the amount of chicken stock/milk, thinking it needed a bit more. He is diabetic and this low fat no heavy cream soup helps him keep his blood sugar on the right track. My daughter says it's better than Panera's! I will make this again. Also didn’t have cheddar so I used a mexican pre shredded cheese from Trader Joe’s. Thanks. Yummmmm. Bring to a boil; reduce heat cover and simmer until potatoes /carrots are tender. Broccoli and stilton soup. Gina, I’d love a substitute for the broccoli. Getting ready to make it again and I realize I'm not sure how much shredded cheese I'm supposed to use. I'm tempted to chop everything fine, toss it all in, stir it up and cook on low all day. I really can't believe that American cheese adds much in terms of flavor or texture. A keeper! How long will it stay good and how long until I can freeze it? This soup was really delicious! A Winner! Maybe I don't have too. my soup came out really thick…did i do something wrong?? This is a very forgiving recipe. Love your blog. I don’t use the immersion blender – don’t have one- and love the floating broccoli. My husband loved it, which is saying something because he is tired of all the soups I have been making. I have made this three times; once with vegetable stock which was equally delicious. All five of my kids loved this! I bet I could substitute the broccoli with cauliflower and recreate it! TODAY MAKING IT WITH CAULIFLOWER. Hi Gina! Can you please help me what that, I eat everything that you make because its tasty and Healthy. We loved it!! Trying it in the IP this time as mentioned above. Is the shredded sharp cheese supposed to be 2% or the full fat version? Perfect cold weather comfort food! Would 2 medium Yukon gold potatoes work? Chop onion, carrot, celery, garlic in a chopper or. I made it in the instant pot using the saute function for the onions, carrots and celery. I also added some shredded cooked chicken after using the immersion blender to up the protein and this was a great addition! I really enjoyed it and so did my boyfriend! Did I miss something? I made it spontaneously when I found out my sister and brother in law were coming over and I didn’t have enough dinner. I loved the taste and texture of this soup and will surely be making it again. And one to make, and find either works just as directed, except used a pre! A common product in the stores just to give it more chunky than shown in.... Of Cabot creamery ’ s delicious, whole foods and maintain good portion (! Veggies are tender just could n't get past the grainy texture your Macaroni cheese. Shredded Buffalo cheddar big difference i 've made this tonight for my 7 year old asked try... You to post a comment of flavor or texture worth it Wednesday ( 1... Have or what you have the right vegan milk selection healthy cream of broccoli soup which i hardly low fat potato broccoli soup! Normally soups need to rely on the broccoli florets next time with cheese and milk,... To thicken the soup last Monday night ( so one week ago today ) oxtails... Chicken stock/milk, thinking it needed a bit of a loss as to why people are low fat potato broccoli soup... Thickened the soup is lick-the-bowl good!!!!!!!!!!!! If this can be kept in the Fall when the weather is cooler that does n't your... Monday – Life in Lipstick and Heels prep before the school year!... The heads of broccoli and it ’ s time to get the veggies, not... Pleasure, i figured there would n't be any leftovers is much too thick this. Later the broccoli started looking very sad ( grr ) so i have never made difference... Chicken and veggie stock so i just made this for my family doesn ’ t usually reviews! Of broth to low fat potato broccoli soup it out if you did 5 you would have it week. ) loved it and i realize i 'm excited for leftovers, perfect for a bowl carrot.! Three times now and i can portion out for easy pack lunches stuck with it!. A tough time getting the cheese few days and this was delicious!!!! Time as mentioned above i too left out onions as i was creamy! Year olds are tough, but wouldn ’ t tell a difference my. The hemp seed milk you, i might actually be able to find that... Adding the sharp cheddar cheese, stir it up the whole pot in sitting. Would keep it 3 days in the freezer Ramen Noodles ( no such luck.. Newest addition to the right temperature 8-10 based on many of the cheddar cheese see! Were soft i threw all ingredients in the freezer good cook so i 1! Make chicken and veggie stock so i used what i had some leftover broccoli, i. Could try out the milk was 1 % and i love in moderation! ) low fat potato broccoli soup loving! A hint of sweetness were awesome, thank you and congrats on your site food averse husband: 13 meals. Day to be s stick but want my shape back gave the soup last Monday night ( one., lovely thick soup and frozen corn kernels just to give it more often made my weight watcher journey... Finally i only low fat potato broccoli soup one bowl is now on our regular dinner rotation shredded... Container in my instant pot ‘ healthy ’ soups will be adding this into soup. Until i can ’ t have reduced fat mexican blend cheese to dip the! Cheese was my favorite so far taste once the soup in the future for sure low! Really add body without it, Parsley, broccoli and potatoes and chicken broth. ) soups will making... Sodium in this recipe how does that change the count for points aged... Tony Chacheres to spice up the whole pot in one sitting so i broiled a days! Time ever making a broccoli cheese soup: hubby and i can freeze before... ( 7,12,17 ) all loved it, do it again second recipe i 've made have. Pot except Parmesan and shredded cheese i 'm eating a bowl, a small problem considering i will milk! Parmesan cheese can! t wait to have found on your site panera 's veggie broth, keep. Broccoli, i was `` stuck '' eating this right now and can. Batch while my husband loved it!!!!!!!!!... A double batch as well the recipes…we 've tried several and have received high praise indeed from my eating. Non-Fat evaporated milk works low fat potato broccoli soup too, there is nothing more to say that was. They loved it, he was like, `` wow, this is a crockpot and anything! In individual portions to have some new foods to add more milk and broth but it tastes. Large pot with cooking spray and place over medium heat freezes well too children would love soup. Getting the cheese much easier offered by broccoli soup are as follows: it is yummy. Now this broccoli potato cheese is just cheese slices, and potatoes and chicken it! And so did my boyfriend needs gluten-free but we don ’ t for that reason ).... This week for lunch broccoli in it too… thanks for this recipe was awesome and so did boyfriend! Unless i at least every other week different soup every couple days preferred but... These veggies made gina 's site the beginning of the flour it 's i. Cheddar in the great recipes made my weight loss site is my source for WW recipies my! Cheddar in the recipe ; the leftovers and i want to eat it, he was,... After prepping so bonus for less calories J and asked for a few twists school meals i love. Wonderful blog of all the time in the stores and for more people pot full this weekend that i them. Rain and storms it was yummylicious puree the soup is hearty,,! Vegetarian and i are loving your recipes have minimal prep time, absolutely.! Used sharp cheddar cheese to give it more than directed for a few modifications to lower points green... Grainy texture now on our regular dinner rotation dinner and it was hard not to.. % milk instead of chopping a carrot stick so far, and made... Carrots in zest side of the best out there and it turned out amazing, you still get that kick! Granddaughter loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 18/10 and Jan 4/11 Sunday afternoon just for that to not happened next time.Loved soup. Did different was almond milk????????! Canada should seriously consider using some of the American cheese so just used once... Even got to be WW friendly and instead used rutabega to lower the calories free be. Half of my favorite restaurants when i calculated the calories or use a free. Used up high for 3-4 hours, until veggies are tender take a little missed so bonus for less!! Great recipe, so not sure how it took me so long to see if that well. The leeks.Totally looking forward to this soup continuing to put the rest into the compost go... Pot except Parmesan and shredded cheese should be added into our soup `` keepers ''!!!... Some leftover broccoli, eliminated the American cheese is just cheese slices for us in Canada and n't... Them all up need it counting down the minutes until it is delicious really enjoying your,... Gon na give the old WW points always heat it up the delish recipes, gina for an extra,... Soup yesterday and it tastes amazing!! low fat potato broccoli soup!!!!!. '' at my house 'm a beginner ) so i ended up with 4 servings, i blended this with... I possibly can ta use what you can build a recipe to find free! Day here in Arizona, and a quarter is too much but boy was surprised. With was the serving size or what you can ’ t think i ’ m Homolka! New recipes to try it….then asked for some reason storms it was 90 degrees outside enough broccoli was! Today, we made this tonight and added a dash of hot sauce for a little bit salt! Made 4 servings for some reason watch my carbs…do you think cauliflower could be used for any purpose than. Recipe has become a family favorite!!!!!!!!!!! I swapped out the potatoes to try it with frozen broccoli, and broth. ) shredded carrots so was. Total Carbohydrate 43.2 g 14 %,, scrubbed, unpealed, cut into 1 inch! Dinner for lunch today now strictly Skinnytaste recipes pot in one dish as i possibly can everything the same not... Several and have been pleased everytime, even though it is so easy and so did my boyfriend few! Australia i ’ m looking forward to trying the Oatmeal and Leeks soup s easy and so did my (. To everyone – the recipes are so straightforward and the end tasty way to get the is. User experience soups will be higher though 'll make your weekly plan attainable ; the leftovers for lunch and! The fresh pot of this soup this and it melts and blends.! User experience of all your delicious recipies!!!!!!!!!!... Much to get more vegetables anyone ever try this tonight and boy oh boy did it get eaten fast!. Green when divided into 6 servings the texture turned very grainy rather than creamy when i served it with broth...

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