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In the past when 1 or more items in an order can't be shipped out Swanson has shipped part of the order. As others have mentioned, Email is a dead end as I have yet to hear a reply.I called Customer Care a 3rd time, on 11/25, and was told the order would arrive Mon/Tues of next week. that is utter mindless incompetence on thier part. Every item I ordered was in stock. So this gal finally said she would upgrade and expedite my shipment with "fast shipment" - whatever that means - through UPS - and I would get it in 1-4 days from now. Stayed within hours agreed to in interview. Very poor. Yes, there is the occasional negative review posted on their website to make things look legit, but none of mine were ever posted. The managers don't have a clue how to run an e-commerce business. I'm thinking of quitting because I feel as if they don't trust their employees and all they care about is making sales. Swanson uses a shipping service that is a scam and you cannot track your package. Productive and learned something different each day, If you like constant surveillance, this job is for you. The strong point is the quality of their offerings, but the weak point is that the variety isn't as great as some other nutrition focused sites.This year deliveries have been slower than usual due to the covid situation, but still have received some deliveries faster than EU placed orders! Nobody seems to care. Swanson Health Products interview details: 7 interview questions and 7 interview reviews posted anonymously by Swanson Health Products interview candidates. Many wonderful people. A little while latter I got a call from a gal at an overseas call center. Gave me a tracking number that doesn't work and will not answer my emails. Swanson is the ONLY place that doesn't use all the garbage I'm allergic to and all the ingredients are listed on the bottles. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Swanson Health Products is right for you. Willing to get rid of good employees with no thought. Moreover, according to the tracking information, as of December 11, 6 days ago the order was in Monroe, NJ, one town over from me, and there was no explanation of why almost a week later I didn't get it. They did not give me the sale prices shown on each item listing. It did not. Promises of training and advancement made, but then not done. Bad business all over the place.State Consumer Affairs office, here i come. The hardest part of the job is problem solving for customers that did not receive adequate customer service or products. For centuries, this herb has been utilized in the Ayurvedic healing practices. I had to get the tracking details from their live chat, as Mike suggested I do. Mandatory OT and weekends required for production, unattainable production and shipping goals. I hope she is correct. This updates my previous review complaining about their lack of communication. All the bad reviews seem to be from people that had problems with shipping to other countries and NOT the products themselves. Contact Swanson Health Products customer service. They really try to take care of the employee and offer opportunties for advancement and training. BUT I CAN'T PRESS THEM. Above all, any issues have been dealt with honesty and that is the main thing. Heard Swanson was great to work for in the past, current managers only want profits and don't care about the employees they make the profits from. AVOID SWANSON LIKE THE PLAGUE, UNLESS YOU WANT PROBLEM AFTER PROBLEM. What is the interview process like at Swanson Health Products? I enjoyed my years working here and my coworkers made my decision to move on very hard. I've never had such poor service from this company. What is Swanson Health Products sick leave policy? Customers can be rather entitled and rude at times, but that is anywhere! Swanson’s went above and beyond for me in this area. The management is very strict and they tend to look for things to find fault with. 63 Swanson Health Products reviews. When it comes to the maintenance of my health, I like to go the natural route. I placed an order 11 days ago and still didn't get it. Company can't seem to do anything right. Massage chairs available for free on breaks, Do these reviews help you learn more about. Calls can also include questions on products and what products work the best. so anyone using a pc can't have a customer service chat with them? A typical day of work is answering calls continuously. As a workaround. Does Swanson have re employment drug testing and is it on site or do they send you to go get drug te…. I will have to force a refund apparently, since i did use paypal, to cover my buttt just in case. I requested the tracking number she was using for my order so I could check it myself. I would get them in about 3-4 days after ordering. Fast paced, angry customers, and constantly being monitored. This weight loss supplement contains citrate lyase which helps keep the appetite in check and allows you to lose weight naturally. They resolved the problem by 2 which was really the post office problem. Honestly, the Chicago office is a train wreck. Think we will be looking for another company after being a customer for years. They will obviously have to be forced to straighten up thier awful act. 60 Swanson Health Products reviews. Don't get me wrong. wow, that's beyond stupid and outrageous. I wonder when it will reach Australia? Swanson Vitamins is a store where you can find the largest collection of vitamins and supplements, natural health products, probiotics, cleansing and detoxification products, organic foods, and more at … Swanson has the best variety and product I have found for the price. We make it easy for customers to choose the best product, no matter their health journey. We want to help you find great companies. Called...again...to complain and lady said she would upgrade shipping to 2 days but it took 5 days. If things go back to being human instead of robotic, I'll be begging for my job back. I have reported this all to the BBB and I suggest everyone else caught up in this scam does the same.Order #78648770. Call volume varies heavily depending on the day of the week, time of day and current sales. When I got hired within the first month I had some unexpected things happen and I had to renegotiate my schedule 3 times. Compare Swanson Health Products and Puritans Pride pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. An alternative and longstanding solution for poor digestive health is to try a probiotic regimen. They have lost this customer until they can prove their capable.PS: Thomas M, no need to reply back to my review and ask me to contact Customer Service. Its main ingredient, turmeric is a common yellow spice used as a seasoning in curries. Rate your employer to help people make better career decisions. Night shift? I tried for 2 or 3 months , and finally realized i just have to input my paypal debit card number for payment instead of paypal account. Easy job. The management is respectful, nice, and says I treat people how I want to be treated. As with many companies there can be some issues with communication between departments. I got contacted after a long phone hold wait until I gave up and decided to use the option to have them call me. She came back and said I should get it by Mon/Tues next week. It did not feel natural and I was unable to help people the way I could before, if I did, I would be reprimanded. I am a loyal Swanson customer. "Unlike most reviewers, my experience with Swanson is generally good. The point is your system is messed up and Customer Service can't really help. Very corporate. Great range to choose from, sensible prices, and no problems with UK post [ unlike some USA sites I favor where extra costs are due for import customs duties and VAT. they let it spill all over every single vitamin bottle in t he box. You can call Swanson Health Products at (800) 254-1885 toll free number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website www.swansonvitamins.com, or write a letter to P.O. Read More… swansonvitamins.com reviews. I think that's their motive for failing to function or allow normal payment that's ostensibly available.2-- BAIT AND SWITCH. The most enjoyable part of the job was helping the customer and making the customer happy by the end of call. So I called back. 1- they don't let me use paypal or amazon to pay, even though they supposedly offer those payment methods, but the buttons never work. But they made sure they took their money asap. Ever notice how Swanson's product reviews are abnormally high (typically 4.5 out of 5). The "reply" of course leaves out a few facts. They treated their employees wonderful. I will now have to report them to my state consumer affairs division. They try to make you sign up for some other scammy service in order to pay. It could have done so here. I wonder, for every 5/5 customer review, how many 1/5 reviews I don't see. Absolutely awful service. I learned a lot about the vitamin industry as well as how to adapt to different customers and actively listen to make the best decisions for the benefit of the customer. Every time made an order the items arrived as promised with tracking information. Most calls are pretty uneventful and not too stressful if it isn't busy. They refused to budge on that so I asked that I be refunded for that item. I loved working at Swanson's. They need punished. Then they told me the item that held up the order the first time would be held from the rest of the shipping and again it would be 4 business days before that would ship. Very positive environment. At least 70%. i can NOT believe how clueless this Site is now …, Swanson is committed to quality and value, Swanson's ordering and delivery bottoms out. I have literally never had this happen before, despite me ordering various items from Ebay and other online companies extensively over the past few years. Swanson Health Products ranks 108 of 684 in Pharmacy category. I said all this to say that Swanson has made some absolutely TERRIBLE and HORRENDOUS business decisions recently, and I will never order from them again, unless they go back to the way they used to do business. I’ve waited over 6 weeks for a package.Please do not bother buying from them. It’s worth paying more for a company that doesn’t cut corners. What Is Swanson Health Products? Immediate management has done the job themselves, so they clearly understand what it's like, know what you can and can't do and treat everyone with dignity. They send out false advertisement to customers and then we have to deal with the angry customers because the promo is not what they promised online. Turns out this gal was from the Philippines. No response. idk ! A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Many orders, no issues really. Box 2803, Fargo, … Half of deliveries do not arrive on time. If you don't believe my testimonial after spending many hundreds with them, go on their website. Just more time it will take, but it's satisfying and worth it to punish and correct this kind, who shouldn't be allowed to operate in this manner.. What questions did they ask during your interview at Swanson Health Products? Service 14 Failing for 3 days I called the "Customer Care" number and was told I should receive it the next day by 8pm. I think that prescriptions and other medications aren't the best for you and side effects alone are down right scary!! Reviews of Swanson products including quality ratings and comparisons by ConsumerLab.com which tests and reviews vitamins, supplements, nutrition, and heath products. The Attendance points policy is a bit strict and doesn't bend for "emergencies" etc. i can NOT believe how clueless this company is. 93 reviews of Swanson Health Retail Store "Not as extensive as Tochi, but still pretty good. How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Swanson Health Products? Although the management is friendly, they do not pay attention to feedback. They are pretty good. Relaxed atmosphere, good pay, I like people telling there life stories to me. Monitored constantly, employees are never good enough, false promos. Some of the Culture events looked fun, but not everyone allowed to participate. Been waiting literally months for my order. No results. I was very happy when I found out that the company is located in Europe, so i … Eventually they agreed. Excellent Service !!!! Search for other Vitamins & … Find the best companies in Pharmacy category: Puritans Pride and Swanson Health Products, Puritans Pride vs iHerb, Swanson Health Products vs Bakers Best Health They would ship through USPS, UPS, or FedEx, and I could track my shipments. Swanson Health Products. Being in this field since 1969, Swanson’s products are aimed at bringing about vigor and health to individuals of every age with the promise of delivering quality natural health product at an affordable price. My order doesn't contain anything they say will prevent it. My disappointment with Swanson has further deteriorated today from my report of 6 days ago about my order # 78661550 . I ordered on 11-13-2020, and it is now 11-23-2020, and still no sign of my shipment.

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