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This company is not a way to beat a card grade, which thank god , there does not need to be any company's that give false grades. Retail Company. REGULAR CARDS $ 8 PER. What we got back is surprising! The pride of Alan Karpuch offers a five business day turnaround and uses a 10 point grading scale with .5 point increments. Contrary to what some have said you DO NOT SAY WHAT GRADE TO GIVE? Baseball cards have been around for over a century. GMA Grading, Home of the $8 sports card grading service, $6 in bulk of 100+. 1964 Topps Mantle PSA 8 vs. 1964 Topps BVG 8). Pre-war cards can sell for thousands of dollars while modern day cards are becoming valuable collectibles. Before grading was introduced, the buyer and seller would have to argue over whether a card was “very good/VG" or “Excellent/EX.” Today, for example, PSA grades cards on a 1-10 scale. See more of GMA Grading on Facebook. Condition is "Like New". GMA grading is amazing for turnaround time. Their slabs are no different than PSAs. Their holders are nice and clean as well. Forgot account? Recent Post by Page. SGC Grading Wait Times and Updated Grading Costs. AND they usually arrive back within a week! Buying cards has become just as easy as most items can be found quickly with simple searches. GMA is great for cost-effective grading, with fast turnaround time. GMA Grading has been in GMA Grading edit Read article. 2 Reviews (813) 926-6263 Website. Posted by 5 … We are the most affordable baseball card company in the industry with the fastest turnaround times. Why isn't everyone using GMA to get all perfect 10's? GMA has been great with customer support and their turanround times are second to none. GMA Grading specializes in sports and non-sports card grading. I do use old top loaders with alot of my cards. After coming across 1,00'0's of ungraded Baseball cards I had to learn the world of Sports Cards grading rather quickly. Companies like Topps, Panini, Upper Deck have become very innovative selling boxes and packs. They don't have the worst grading but they definitely are not like the other companies. I am 35 years old and PSA was around before BGS ever thought about grading, but it's time to let them old men go "PSA" they need to retire cause their eyes aren't as good as they used to be. "It would be unusual for two companies in any industry to dominate market share for a period of greater than 30 years." BGS and SGC IS better than GMA in terms of grade quality but for cards you just want to keep or have in a cool case, GMA is the way to go. Forgot account? Get directions, reviews and information for GMA Grading in Odessa, FL. I sent in 55 cards for grading to GMA , wrote every card grade I thought the card should get, when receiving my cards back within 5 business days just as promised , they were dead on. They get a bad rap, i have found their grades spot on since i grade my own with a jewelers loop and omni grid before submission and i don't put my grade on my submission form. We have also worked with PSA and BGS but grading fees have not been worth it as people are spending les on cards than what they use to. 1 was here. I love it!! Grading has made it much easier to buy and sell cards. I HAVE DONE A LOT OF RESEARCH, SENDING MANY CARDS THAT WERE PREVIOUSLY GRADED BY PSA THEN I SENT THEM TO GMA FOR COMPARISON AND I CAN HONESTLY SAY GMA IS APPROX. Please, I am truly confused if that is all you have to do to have a number put on the card as to the condition? Thanks for the heads up. So I always use GMA just for the cards I know I will keep myself forever, etc. I would definitely recommend them if you're on a budget and go in knowing you might get some 10 sometimes that are probably actually 8.5 or 9. As most of you know, he didn't like it and I'm always confused when I see a Joey Belle auto. THEY EVEN CAUGHT A "TRIMMED" CARD THAT I BOUGHT OFF EBAY. GMA busted the big boys grading prices . Official website: PSA Grading. 1989 Bowman #220 Ken Griffey Jr. NM-MT GMA 8 ROOKIE RC. On top of that doing a quick search shows GMA isnt on the same level as say PSA. Submitting your trading cards to PSA is the first step towards getting the most from your trading card collection. The hobby has drastically changed over the years, but card manufacturers are still producing some amazing new products. I would think that no one else would use any of the other card sevices because with GMA you will always get the perfect 10 even if it would not grade any where near that with the others? Thus far I have had 60 or so cards graded by GMA ranging from 7 to 10, always returned within a week, always packed with care and in a box I can use for storage, and always at $3.50 per card (their new rate, no doubt a sign of a growing business). This service is not for everyone but has some great benefits for those who want to start their own card grading business. Card Grading Defined. Name your own grade. I went in knowing this and the reason i sent them into GMA is because i knew i wasn't going to resell my cards. GMA Grading, $2.50 Sports Card Grading. As you guys know we are very fond of GMA grading and recommend them highly. I also don't post to the forums, just like reading them. PSA is the largest and most trusted card grading service in the world. Learn more about the different types of grading services and the benefits of PSA grading. GMA Grading has a free baseball card price guide which scours the web and brings backs specific results of what the card is actually selling for in today’s market place. I'm not bias in any way. I got a lot of my cards back graded a 10 that would never be a 10. i would say their grading scale is off a point maybe a point and a half. The GMA encased card by reputation unfortunately is no better than having a screw down case and a tube of super glue as far as most of the hobby is concerned from what I hear, and the 10 Gem Mint grade could just as well be an "11" or a "Super Duper Minty Mint" grade since no serious collector would hold any value to their grading assignment nor clout as an authenticator. ... Bay Area Sports Card Show - Tampa Bay/Clearwater. Gma is up and coming, and @ 2.00$ per card there going to redefine the grading cost in the industry "which someone has needed to do for a long time. Card grading has also changed the hobby. For that reason I strongly recommend you use either BGS or PSA over GMA. Currently on a 25-30 day turnaroun... d time if not sooner. It doesn't even matter if the cards trimmed or repaired. Recent Post by Page. Gma Card Grading. GMA Grading. Either that or they just don't care any more, they made there money. As you guys know we are very fond of GMA grading and recommend them highly. GMA is your source for useful news and inspiration on how to live your best life. I got 20 cards graded and I couldn't be happier about the results. No. I personally use BGS since it is a little cheaper than PSA since I am a smaller seller, and I have never had any issues with them. The amount of searches is unlimited. Local Service. Note that it's not just PSA seeing a huge increase in demand. Trading Card Grading. I buy cards for my grandsons, they love them. GMA Grading. We are a PSA authorized dealer. The actual people who grade the cards are not the ones who encapsulate them (i am assuming), could it be possible that the nicks and bends on some of these cards came through the handeling by other staff members who place them in the holders and not actually the fault of the. January 2 at 4:51 PM. The modern card market is dominated by marvels like online auctions and virtual collections, but the process of getting an item graded is the same as ever. Your community and guide to relationship advice, the latest in celebrity news, culture, style, travel, home, finances, shopping deals, career and more. SUBMIT NOW; JERSEY CARDS $ 8 Per. "It would be unusual for two companies in any industry to dominate market share for a period of greater than 30 years." Is GMA on the same level or better than PSA? Could be damage from them slabbing it as the card … Learn more about the different types of grading services and the benefits of PSA grading. View All Events. Rookie Cards, Checklist, Cody Bellinger Rookie Cards Checklist, Top Cards, Top 10 Chris Sale Rookie Cards and Autographed Cards, Top 6 Jose Altuve Rookie Cards to Buy Now, Why Carl Yastrzemski Baseball Cards Are So Undervalued, Must have Kris Bryant Rookie Cards to Buy, Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Worth Buying Now, Makes it much easier to determine the value of the card, Helps sell the card when the time is right. Resale value however will not be as strong as PSA & SGC. Beckett Grading. Log In. their holders are awesome and very sturdy. GMA Grading, Home of the $8 sports card grading service, $6 in bulk of 100+. And the statement about the trimming and repairs not making any difference, how can that be, since that is all suppose to be evaluated when determining the grade of a card? ohhhhh ive seen those slabs when searching for PSAs. Lindsey, I've seen a few of your forumn posts in the sportscard section, so if I understand and remember correctly, you are selling a large collection. Local card shops are also a great place to buy and sell cards. These times could change as stimulus checks have already generated calls and emails of cards that are on the way. Be honest, I've actually starting buying and selling only GMA, bc it allows me to focus on the card itself and not the grading name brand (mostly for my PC some selling). If you go back to the $4 or $5 price you will get my business again but not until then. I’ve seen a 600 card submission get returned in 14 days. GMA Grading offers bulk discounts as they have graded many cards for dealers who sell on Shop at Home Television, Home Shopping Network, and Ebay. That's not saying that everyone single one of the 10's were wrong, some of them could definitely be a 9.5 or 10 in other companies. GMA Grading, Home of the $5 sports card grading service. I AM IMPRESSED BY GMA AND I FIND THEM TO BE AS REPUTABLE AS PSA, BGS, & SGC. Their holders are nice and clean as well. Alan the CEO said, that he's hired formal PSA employee's. I submitted these card on 12/28/20 and they arrived on 12/30/20 and were delivered back to me 1/6/21

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